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Randall Roberts’ commentary on how the “deep listening” concert experience has been severely eroded because of technology, short attention spans and narcissistic behavior is sad but absolutely true [“Please Hold Those Tweets and Vids,” Jan. 12]. Gone are the days when the whole idea of going to a show was to get a sense of how the artist was going to re-create the [...]

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Drudging Through the Muck, It Keeps Getting Better

danapointtimes.com — It’s a dark and dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. I’m talking about the 30 plus scuba divers who participated in Saturday’s Dana Point Harbor Cleanup. And with prizes on the line, those divers pulled out a ton of stuff, including marine parts, building and plumbing materials, electronics, fishing gear, crates, bottles, laptops—even Old Glory. Poor girl, she wasn’t [...]

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